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Here is just some of what you will learn:


  • Overcome growth gaps are holding you back.


  • Manage your time for utmost effectiveness.


  • Effectively communicate for positive results.


  • Lead with an infinite mindset vs. a finite mindset.



  • Become laser focused in your life and business.


  • Effectively communicate to others to get what you want. 


  • Equip your team to become better leaders.


  • Lead with influence so people follow you.

You will have access to LIVE bi-weekly trainings, LIVE bi-weekly round table discussions, prerecorded training, content that is accessible 24x7 and so much more...


Are you ready?

Remember...growth doesn't just happen.

Here's what's inside waiting for you!

  • Full courses and LIVE training

    Focus on your personal growth, develop the skills necessary to be a successful leader, or both.

  • Sit at the table with the experts

    Grow with instruction and mentoring by personal growth and leadership training experts with almost five decades of experience. 

  • Transformation Vault

    Get direct access to knowledge bits from leadership and personal growth experts.


  • Bi-weekly LIVE round table

    Once a week gather at the 'table' of other growth-minded leaders to share what you've learned and how you are implementing.

  • Monthly Coaching

    One-on-one coaching and accountability with one of your trainers. 



  • New training every week

    Receive fresh, brand new training every week right inside your membership portal.

Our results speak for themselves

Here are recommendations from other leaders about mPOWERment! Training

Domenic B.


"I have been able to apply their lessons to achieve success in my business."


Hattie S.

Business Owner

"The information shared caused me to start intentionally looking at different areas of my life as it relates to my personal growth."


Dr. Jaylene B.


"This is a definite must if you are looking to lead your team better, increase employee retention, increase productivity, and seeking overall growth in your business."